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Red Malay

We are offering 15 gram and 1 ounce samples of our new strains prior to the 125 grams and 250 gram bags being available.  We are still in the process of preparing these strains to be added to the store. Because these strains appear to be somewhat different than the sample test material and do not have the time to go thru the entire test phase again we are allowing you to decide what you like prior to their release. Because each person is different and has their own likes and dislikes we suggest taking the opportunity to try a sample of your choice before they go on the store. Please do not email and ask to buy larger amounts prior to them being added to the store. When they are prepared we will get them added. Please do not buy a large amount of any strain prior to personally testing it.  This is why we are now offering samples.  This should completely eliminate buying something that does not agree with your personal needs.