My Account


I am no longer creating new accounts for those in Canada.  There are many issues that arise due to shipping cost and currency conversion rates.

I can only create new accounts for those who agree to pay through Zelle or Money order.

Please do not agree to use these options and then try to convince me to accept  credit cards, debit cards, google wallet, paypal, cash app, apple pay, venmo, pop money, samsung pay, square cash, e check, money gram, western union or any of the other payment options that exist.  I do not accept these payment options and will only accept zelle or money order.

No one can create an account on their own.  All accounts are verified and created by DG.  I keep up with those who are wanting access and create these accounts when I am able.  The only way of getting one is to send your name and shipping address to

I create accounts based on the orders coming in a particular times.  I can not take on more customers if I can not provide service to them. There are times when one must wait for me to be able to add them. It could be one day, or it could be two months. It just depends on my stock at the time and the amount of orders coming in.  I want to be fair to existing customers as well.

When requesting an account please do not speak of consumption of any product on this site.  Please do not give your personal testimony or medical condition.  I sell kratom for the purpose of making soaps, candles and air fresheners.  I do not sell kratom for any person to consume or treat an illness or condition.  This is against FDA regulations.