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AKA Email

I am getting a lot of emails about the email sent out from AKA stating the FDA has closed shipping lanes for kratom.  People are asking if there is any truth in this.  All I can do is explain what I know from my personal experience.  Everyone knows I was out of stock for many months.  This is due to CP (China Post) ending their involvement with shipping kratom.  Fedex, UPS, TNT and DHL have already quit shipping kratom.  As far as I know there are now NO shipping companies that are willing to ship kratom to the USA. As far as I know EMS is no longer accepting new kratom packages either. I think that it is a bold statement for the FDA to claim credit for all this, but they may have been behind it, I dont know. There may be ways to get a small kilo package past whatever security a shipping company has in place but this is not realistic when shipping 1000kg +.  So what does this mean?  It means that in order to get new kratom shipments I am going to have to use creative and costly methods that I am not excited about.  My cost to get new shipments is going to increase and the risk of losing shipments is extremely high now. My risk/reward from here on out is looking like it is not worth it. I am not saying I am going out of business. I am not saying anything except for what my personal experience is at this time. Is it always going to be this way? I dont know.  If I am going to have to pay a lot more to get it here with a great risk of loss its just not worth it. People have enjoyed an abundance of kratom and have seen prices drop greatly in the past 10 years.  There has been more supply than demand for several years now but this could (or has already) be changing soon. I have not continued in the business by living in fear.  I try and ignore the news and hype.  If I didnt I would have closed years ago.  I am now really having to weigh the risk/reward from here on out.  I can say that with the increase in shipping cost for my next shipments (If I even attempt to get them) I will have to raise prices to cover this since it is a significant amount. Due to the minimum size of the shipments from here on out, If I lose one I will go out of business.  Its this simple. This is MY reality. I am not stating this is reality for ALL vendors.  I may be the only one in America facing this particular situation.  The only reason I am stating any of this is due to the amount of questions and emails I am receiving about what is going on.