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Available Payment Options

We lost our credit card processor last week.  Due to this I can not accept debit or credit cards anymore.  At this time I have only only three payment options.  I can receive payment by Money Order, Zelle and Current.  Current and Zelle are bank to bank, person to person payments. These do not allow you to pay with your credit card.  If you have a bank account that is compatible with zelle (most major banks) then this system works great. If your bank is not and you must use the zelle app then it is not very dependable. Current is a service you can connect to your checking account that will allow you to transfer money to me.  Current takes a few days to get active and going. Once it is it works great.  

I am unable to accept any of the following:

Credit Cards or Debit Cards, paypal, pop money, google wallet, apple pay, samsung pay, venmo, cash app, square cash or any other payment apps. I am also unable to receive money in person at western union or walmarts money gram. This is not because I dont want to, but I cant. I have been banned (and my family) from using these services. I know that my payment options are not ideal but this is the very best we can do at this time.