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Good News

There may be good news for everyone after the New Year. One of my suppliers told me that there may be a new shipping company available to ship kratom soon. We are not sure if it will be CP again or some other company. EMS is still not willing to accept new shipments and every other company is not willing to do it either.  We have found out the hard way with our last attempt. At this time there is no proper way to import and any shipment of kratom they discover will be seized.  Im sure that there is some slipping past them, especially very small packages but for a vendor to restock there is too much risk, for us there is. 

If this information is correct we should be able to restock after the New Year as soon as there is a company willing to bring it here legally again. 

There are the Conspiracy Theory People who claim this is all fake news lol.  That the shipping companies are still shipping kratom here as they always have, that Customs and FDA are not seizing kratom shipments, that kratom vendors (many of them collaborating as one) along with the AKA are just saying these things to drive up demand and the price. That all the reports of seized kratom is just hype and not true. Its a huge and complex conspiracy to rip you off. The earth is flat, we never landed on the moon, Elvis is still alive etc and we never had our shipment seized and its an elaborate hoax. Our sales are 1/10th of what they usually are and we are out of stock in a lot of stuff, very low on stock in what it left. But somehow this is a money grab lol. If you believe this about me or your vendor you should find another vendor to do business with. Dont do business with someone you know to be dishonest.