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New Shipping Delay Policy

Since there are many shipping delays this time of year I have change my policy on how to handle this.  A while back there were many packages that were about 8 days late and as customers complaints increased I started shipping duplicate packages with the agreement that the last one to arrive would be refused and shipped back. This did not work out too good for me. A few did refuse the package and that package is on its way back to me, a few decided they wanted to keep the second package and that person paid for it. For the most part I was out the money for the second package and have not been able to make contact with those others that received both, so I am only able to assume that they will respond to me when they are ready to order again or not order again thru me again. Doing this makes me financially responsible for USPS performance and that does not seem fair.  What I am doing now is this, I will collect the funds for the duplicate package being shipped. When the last package arrives you can either refuse the unopened package where it will come back to me or just keep it. Its paid for already so I dont have to keep up with these and send email after email trying to make contact.