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Premium Strain Restock Info

We will be adding the premium strains to the store soon.  Some strains have arrived but not all.  We are receiving small packages of them and do not have enough of any strain yet to start selling them yet. From what we have received so far I can tell you that the samples that have been sold do match the material that we are receiving now.  We were told that they would be the same but we are always told that and it rarely is true.  In this case they have matched the sample material so far. Please dont email me and ask to pre-order, set some to the side for you, sell you some of what has arrived now or send you email updates letting you know progress. There are too many interested in these to keep up with it all.  I want to see what we get, how much of each strain we get and then shoot for Tuesday (12/18/18) to put what we receive on the store. Everyone has had the opportunity to try each strain they are interested in and should know what they want to order. If you have not already tried a sample of a strain you are interested in please do so quickly. There is no reason any one would buy something they do like the way we have conducted this batch. And no, I do not want to discuss what has been received so far. We are confident that we will receive at least some of everything, still not sure about the classic pmd though.