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Research Before Purchase

NOTE!! Please do not email me and ask for a run down or review of each strain. This puts me in a very bad position. Can I really tell you what will smell good to you? 

Since we are now selling samples of each strain we sell I would ask that you do your research before making a larger purchase of an item.  I have learned that there is no single strain that will be accepted by 100% of those who buy it.  There has never been one and there will not be one.  Everyone likes different fragrances.  Sure there can be a particular strain that is liked by many but it still will not be liked by everyone. We have put the new premium strains through a double testing process.  Once with my own test group and then with crowd sourcing at various forums. Each strain added has been proven to be of good quality. Does this mean that you will like the fragrance it produces? We hope so but can not guarantee it.   Please do not purchase a large amount of a strain that you have not personally tested as I do not want anyone to be unhappy.  I do not make exchanges or refunds.  This is a subjective product and I make no promise or guarantees. I have a policy that I DO NOT sell material that has left my possession. I feel like this is dangerous and irresponsible. It happen to me before I was a vendor and I was very angry when I found out that what I had purchased was tested and returned by someone and then sold to me. If someone returns an item due to receiving the wrong item I do not sell these either.  Even when I can tell they have not been opened. Its just not worth the risk.