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USPS Performance

I can not control USPS performance.  Many believe I can and choose not to. I cant, Im sorry.  More packages are shipped this time a year than any other time.  I do not guarantee your package to arrive by the date they estimate when receiving the tracking number. I will not refund your money and give you your order for free if it does not arrive in 2 or 3 days as the tracking states it should.  This is an estimate. Not a guarantee.  All I can do is ship your order when I say I will but I cant do any thing after that.  If its lost I will replace it.  If its late I am extremely sorry. I wish they could do better but it is out of my control. I am driving packages 45 miles away to assure they go thru a quicker sorting center.  This has cut 3 days off of the shipping time. Other than this there is nothing I can do.