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Future of DG Botanicals


Once again our stock is very low.  Honestly we are not sure we will be able to stock again.  For all of our non-premium strains we have had a major setback with our most recent shipment.  We hired an import/export broker who said he deals in things like this to help get our new shipments in since there is no longer door to door shipping such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, EMS, TNT or CP. All of these companies have decided that they are no longer going to ship kratom products. There may be some out there sneaking smaller shipments by them but they are on high alert. Why I do not know. Dont understand why they care so much. Our import/export expert who lined up shipping with all of our farms and coordinated everything to be shipped together did so foolishly and totally different than we were told it would happen, and now our 1.5 tons (the largest shipment we have ever attempted & highest price per kilo) is being shipped in a way that gives us a very low chance of receiving it, if any at all. We are very upset, worried, angry etc. Since we were so confident in his ability to get our shipment in we did not raise prices or limit quantities, we just knew we would be able to restock.  Today we find out that the chance of it arriving is extremely small if any at all, we are almost out of stock now.  What we have had to do is take the 250 gram size off of the store and just leave the 125 gram size for now.  The price is still the same as it used to be, for now. We are praying and hoping that by some chance we do receive this new material and can resume as usual. We will not give up though, we will resort to purchasing small boxes of kratom and just see if they arrive so we have something to sell.  We did invest our money in this last attempt and in doing so paid quiet a bit more for that material than we ever have. Its a huge loss to say the least. We never considered paying that much for stock but thought it was worth it since we hired a professional. We were wrong. 


We are confident we will be able to restock our premium strains.  The size of these shipments is extremely small compared to the non premium shipments.  We should be able to receive one or two kilo packages of premium strains through various shipping companies that are not looking at packages that small. We hope. We have been testing new premium strains for about two weeks and have some of the approved strains on their way here now.  I do not think that it will take long for them to arrive being shipped the way they are. We may lose a package here and there anyway but hope to receive enough to sell on our store. 

This may not be information that is shared by many companies but we have always been upfront and honest with you all.  We want you to know what is going on and why things are the way they are. Anyone who knows even a little about kratom knows about all the setbacks at this time. I did not panic through all of this even thought it looked very bad because it has always worked its way out. Today its not looking very well. I really hope this changes.