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When Will New Shipments Arrive?

I wanted to answer this here since I get this question several hundred times a day.  I am not sure what is happening with shipping these days.  I am having a lot of difficulty importing material at this time.  My small farms are having difficulty keeping up with this stores demand now which does not help.  The actual shipping time from Indonesia has tripled from what it used to be.  Due to all of these things I no longer want to guess or try and predict when a certain shipment will arrive.  It only is causing people to become angry at me for misleading them. I am not trying to mislead anyone but only able to guess on past experience.  As of today I am not going to try and predict their arrival date anymore.  The last several months shows that I can not guess and have no idea how long they will take.  I have shipments that were shipped over a month ago that have not even left Indonesia yet.