Super Thai


Batch 1 01/11/2023

This is an interesting strain. It is not really a Maeng Da, White, Green or Red strain. It is energetic with a high mood lift and all the other qualities that you would think of when you think of “Thai MD”. For this reason we have included it in the White, Red, Bali, Green and Maeng Da categories. For some its effects are like Red Thai, for others perhaps even an energetic Bali, or White Bali. It is an interesting strain.

About our Plantation Grown Premium Strains
Our Premium Plantation Strains come to us from a plantation founded in in 2005-2006, long before most others began to convert their land to kratom plantations rather than the crops they previously had grown. A few could see the potential prior to this but not many, this make this planation extremely mature compared to the vast majority that exist now, which are only one to three years old. Many vendors on the internet are selling plantation grown kratom harvest from trees just over a year or two years old. This and unfavorable rain and weather conditions recently have led to a downturn in quality. This plantation being very mature and large can provide extremely high quality kratom, trees are never over harvested and allowed to thrive. The caretakers of this plantation have been around a long while, honing their harvesting, processing and drying skills. This plantation offers clean up to date buildings, equipment and everything needed to produce the most sanitary and high quality kratom that can be found.

Minimum Mitragynine Level of our Plantation Premium Kratom is 1.9%

If you select more than one 250 gram bag, they will all be bagged together in one bag to save resources unless you specify in the order notes to create individual bags. We can not go back and change the order after it is placed.

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