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Premium Maeng Da 14/1 Ounce

Premium Maeng Da 14/1 Ounce

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Farm Code : Super Strain Farm

Release Date :4/6/19

We are offering 15 gram and 1 ounce samples of our new strains.  Please do not buy a large amount of any strain prior to personally testing it.  This is why we are now offering samples.  This should completely eliminate buying something that does not agree with your personal needs. 

 Maeng DA is a strain that some enjoy and others dont.  Those who enjoy MD really do and those that dont just do not like it.  It has always been this way. Even with our Premium MD that are absolutely excellent there will be some that it just does not work for. We ask you to try a small amount before making a large purchase. Once material leaves our custody we can not re sell it. No one wants to buy something that someone else has had and sent back. We have never done this and never will.  We test each strain with a test group before placing it on the store.  We assure that a strain is good quality or we do not sell it. There is no reason to place a large purchase of a strain if you have not personally tested it. We do not have a try and then buy policy.  This is a good strain but still there is a chance that you personally will not enjoy it. 

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