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High Quality Soap, Candle & Air Freshener Supply Shop

High Quality Soap, Candle & Air Freshener Supplies


We specialize in providing the highest quality materials for those who make and manufacture specialty aromatic soaps, candles and air fresheners. We cater to the home enthusiast all the way up to the needs of larger manufactures. We are known for sourcing the most aromatic materials for your needs. Our material is already a high quality powder product clean of debris and stems ready to be included in your manufacturing process.   We are ready to meet all of your needs for the manufacturing of soap, candles, air freshener & other items of this nature.    See "Terms & Conditions Quick Link" below.

How To Create Account

To purchase products from DG Botanicals you must first become a member of our site.  Product pricing will not be displayed on our site unless you log in to your account. There is not a way or link for anyone to create an account with this store on their own.  All accounts are verified and created by DG.  If I were to allow sales to occur without an account I would receive more orders than I can fulfill. I keep up with those who are wanting access and create these accounts when I am able.  The only way of getting one is to send your name and shipping address to