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We will be adding new customers to our customer base.  All new customers must order through the website.  We still provide customer support if you need it to place your order, we just are not emailing the menu and manually accepting orders.  For us to be able to accept more orders they have to be made through this website. 

  1. Complete the Request Account form here https://dgbotanicals.com/request-account/
  2. I will then send you an email with a link to our Member Agreement which is our terms of sale.  I will ask you to agree or disagree, the choice is yours. We do not force anyone to agree. I will then add that email to your account so I have on file you agree or disagree to our terms of sale.  You can go ahead and read over our Member Agreement here https://dgbotanicals.com/member-account-agreement/ and decide if you want an account with us or not.
  3. If you agree, I will activate your account and you will be able to place an order.  If all of this falls outside of our business hours it will happen as soon as we are able.

Monday – Friday 8AM – 2PM

We answer emails and questions, accept and ship orders between these hours. After 2PM we are not able to accept orders and emails sent will be answered the next business day. If you send an email Friday evening or after 2PM it will be answered Monday morning. If USPS is closed Monday due to a holiday, we will be open the next business day.

We use USPS Priority and USPS Express for all of our shipping. We are unable to use UPS & FedEx. We ship all orders same day if they are placed during our business hours. Our cutoff time is 1:30PM so we are able to get all daily orders shipped out at 2PM. There are some days like Monday and Tuesday after a three day weekend that we have too many orders to ship and can not get them all out that day. Orders placed at our cutoff time can be delayed until the next day. We try to get all orders shipped same day they are placed when possible. 

We will verify your prior account history and get you added to this website just as soon as possible. When you complete the Registration Form your account will be created.  We just need to verify the accuracy of the information and activate your dgbotanicals.com account.

Is this the very same dgbotanicals.com since 2015? Yes, We have been in continuous business for many years. We have read many statements and fake reviews over the last few years stating we have gone out of business but this is not true. We did operate without a website for two years but this was due to the paid efforts of one of these vendor/review website owners.  You can usually find the reports on other vendors websites or “for pay” review websites.  We have received many emails asking us to advertise on these websites and there are many. Most people do not realize the strain reviews are paid for by vendors. These websites appear as though they just want to help you out by donating their time and resources out of goodwill. The fact is they are paid to write fake reviews, they also get paid when you purchase from their affiliate link.   They also accept money to write fake and disparaging reviews for vendors who do not pay them or are paid by another vendor to do so. There are actually few single shop independent vendors these days. Most websites are just one of many that a company owns.  We are not going to pay anyone to not say terrible things about us, we also do not expect for another vendor to write up an excellent review for us either. 

At the top menu of our website is Request Account https://dgbotanicals.com/request-account/. Click on this link and complete the registration form.  If you are an existing customer we will get your account added very quickly.  If you are a new customer we will verify your information and get an account added as soon as possible.

This is a good question, we get request from Kratom Ranking and Review Websites very often wanting to help us elevate our business or online presence.  We even are asked if we would like to pay to review another vendor poorly, have any negative thoughts or statements about a competerior we would like to share, for an agreed amount we could have this published on any one of the various ranking websites that exist. 

We have decided that we are not interested in advertising anywhere.  We have nothing bad to say about any vendor and wish each his/her their best. We have nothing to say to any customer or potential customer on a third party website.  We are fully capable to communication with ANYONE ourselves or on our own website.  We can be reached at [email protected]

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