Deep Jungle Kratom v5


Batch v5 08/10/2023

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NEW Batch: V5 08/10/2023

These strains are harvested from various rivers and jungles deep within Borneo. These strains are extremely high quality with Mitragynine levels near the top.


Note: This kratom is extremely expensive and not intended for everyone. Our lowest price strains are better than any other vendors kratom no matter how expensive or good they claim it is. You do not need to buy the Premium, Deep Jungle or Classic MD to get better kratom than found elsewhere. We offer these strains due to demand. For many, the expense is well worth it, for others it may not be.


am bag, they will all be bagged together in one bag to save resources unless you specify in the order notes to create individual bags. We can not go back and change the order after it is placed.

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