Premium Red


Batch 506 11/14/2022

While we have been increasing the Mitragynine levels in our darker red strains, we have also worked to increase the overall quality in our more energetic red strains that are still green color in appearance. Red Kratom does not necessarily need to be red in color. This Premium Red is a more energetic red right on the limit of being a green strain yet retaining some of those red qualities too. As all the other reds we have this strain has also increased in Mitragynine and potency. This is truly “Premium Red”. Don’t let anyone fool you, our kratom has never been as potent or better quality than it is right now.

This is not a strain that we sell in bulk. We used to sell this strain in the following sizes, 15 gram $7.00, 28-gram (1oz) $13.50- and 125-gram (4.46oz) option. To make things easier we have reduced the price of a 28-gram (1oz) size bag, eliminated the 15-gram sample size and added a 56-gram (2oz) size option to go along with the 125-gram (4.46oz) bag. Please also note, if you purchase more than one ounce or more than one 125-gram option they will be shipped in one bag unless requested during the order process in the order notes.


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28 grams (1oz), 56 grams (2oz), 125 grams (4.46oz)

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