Super White


Batch 448 08/07/2022

This strain is new to us, harvest wild from the jungle of Borneo. This is not a plantation grown strain. It has been selected very carefully and comes to us in limited quantity. Our Premium strains are hovering on the upper limits of natural kratom potency and quality. We are always searching for the absolute best quality kratom which can never be produced and sold in massive quantities. Our Premium Kratom Strains come from what growers, producer’s and harvesters glean as the best of the best and set aside to be sold at a much higher price than their bulk quantity kratom.

This is not a strain that we sell in bulk. We used to sell this strain in the following sizes, 15 gram $7.00, 28-gram (1oz) $13.50- and 125-gram (4.46oz) option. To make things easier we have reduced the price of a 28-gram (1oz) size bag, eliminated the 15-gram sample size and added a 56-gram (2oz) size option to go along with the 125-gram (4.46oz) bag. Please also note, if you purchase more than one ounce or more than one 125-gram option they will be shipped in one bag unless requested during the order process in the order notes.

Weight N/A

28 grams (1oz), 56 grams (2oz), 125 grams (4.46oz)

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